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General Medical Practice

General medical practice Available 24hours providing primary in patient care including ward admissions and outpatient care led by a team of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and health educators.

Laboratory services

Also available 24 hours and are done with integrity that has earned the respect of our community. This includes haematology chemistry and microbiology tests which are run by a couple of more complex tests through collaboration with major laboratories in Kampala.

Surgical procedures

These include hernia repairs, m=laparotomies, orthopedic surgeries, C-section for high risk mothers and all other gynecological procedures.

Ultrasound Scan

Serves a wide range of services that include abdominal scan, obstetric scan, gynecology scan, paediatric scan and small parts, scrotum breast thyroid and superficial scan.

Antenatal , Maternity & delivery

It is conducted to educate prenatal mothers. Both normal and caesarean deliveries are done at both convenient and emergency times with delivery packages that include admission, drugs and sundries, midwifery care among others.


Include antenatal clinics, postnatal clinics, cervical cancer screening, perinea repair, Pap smear, nor plant, IUCD insertion and assisted vacuum extraction.

Dental Care

Available 12 hours and include polishing, teeth whitening surgical and simple, root canal, fillings and intermaxillary fixation, prosthroclontic appliance.

Massage therapy & physiotherapy

Includes deep tissue massage for pain relief, tension headaches etc., Swedish massage for body relaxation, and physiotherapy for muscle tension.

Ambulance services for referrals.

24 hour ambulance services to other clinics after being referred from our facilities or upcountry rescues for those outside our area of operation

Community Health outreaches

Are conducted to empower individuals, companies, schools and communities to attain and sustain higher quality of life through health trainings, and medical outreaches to vulnerable communities.

ART Clinic

We counsel and treat HIV patients. We provide ongoing medical care to them through collaboration with Ministry of Health. We provide free viral load count, drugs and also do follow up to their families to ensure they faithfully take their drugs


We do immunization once a week for six killer disease ie measles, polio, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Whooping Cough to children below the age of 5yrs.

Medical Missions

We work with partners to do free medical camps across Uganada. Every year an average of 10 camps are done to meet the health needs of the very poor. Under this some individuals with big complications are adopted by the clinic and are enrolled on Patient Assistance Program ( PAP)

Clinic Support supervision

We provide technical support to other four clinics; Cornerstone medical Center, Muleete Clinic, Suubi Medical Center and Bethany Clinic.